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Muscle & Tendon:

Passive point to point structures with a nonlinear force length relation which can be used for the stabilization of joints  (e.g. cervical spine).

Wobbling Mass:

A spatial nonlinear component force & torque element which couples the soft tissue to the bone. Human body segments may not be considered as rigid in many cases. Under impact or vibration exposure the soft tissue has to be taken into account.

Spinal Disc:

Spatial nonlinear force & torque element which describes the coupling between two spinal segments. Useful for whiplash or ride comfort simulations.

Joint Actuators:

A component force & torque element which enables the virtual human to hold its pose or to move according to controller input. Input can be provided by u(t) (time excitation, co-simulation) or SIMPACK-controller output.

Interaction Elements:

A set of contact or coupling forces which let the virtual human interact with other model structures. Implemented are linear contact, heelpad, seatcushion, linear grip and nonlinear handbolster models.

Human Body-Model Generator Available:

Biomotion Elements for SIMPACK is compatible to Biomotion Workbench which allows for a straightforward workflow between motion capturing and simulation.

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