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Biomotion Elements for SIMPACK


What are the Biomotion Elements?
Modeling of human bodies calls for some specific elements, which are generally not provided in industrial mechanical simulation software. Biomotion Elements for SIMPACK is a set of essential model elements which are needed to build virtual humans for multi-body simulation (MBS) with SIMPACK. These model elements let you build human body models which can interact with your products. Think of occupants for trains or buses or the simulation of pedestrian accidents. (Get more details...)


What are the benefits?
Take virtual engineering to the next level. Let virtual humans "use" your products. Biomotion Elements allows for the simulation of virtual humans without the need of special biomechanical expertise. Stay focused on your product model! Biomotion Elements is fully compatible to Biomotion Workbench.


Import virtual humans with just a few mouse clicks. Virtual humans can be included as SIMPACK substructure into your existing SIMPACK models.


What do you need to use Biomotion Elements?
SIMPACK (version 8.904 or higher) with the license option Biomotion Elements


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