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Biomotion Powertool Operator for SIMPACK


What is the Biomotion Powertool Operator?
Longterm vibration exposure caused by powertool operation may lead to neurovascular problems. Powertools therefore have to be designed to minimize hand-arm-vibration. Other design targets are for instance optimal drilling process or working precision.  Biomotion Powertool Operator (HAS-Powertool) is a motion controller which allows a virtual operator to handle a powertool either bimanually or just with one hand. This motion controller is suitable for human body models based on the Biomotion Elements for SIMPACK. (Get more details...)

What are the benefits?
The virtual operator handles the powertool under realistic conditions, holding predefined set values for pressing force amplitude and direction. Save time and money by faster prototyping and lesser testing. You can compare different design layouts comfortably. Simulation results can be compared and are reproducable contrary to measurements with test subjects.

What do you need to use Biomotion Powertool Operator?
SIMPACK (version 8.904 or higher) with the license options Biomotion Elements and Biomotion HAS-Powertool. A human body model which uses the Biomotion Element 283 as joint actuators for shoulders and elbows. Model can be provided by Biomotion Solutions or generated with Biomotion Workbench Varibody.


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