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Biomotion Motorcycle Rider for SIMPACK


What is the Biomotion Motorcycle Rider?
To ride a motorcycle on a desired track the rider has to control the lean angle of the motorcycle. This is done by countersteering. By moving the handlebars the motorcycle rider shifts the steering angle to initiate lean angle changes. Biomotion Motorcycle Rider for SIMPACK is a unique solution to mimic this rider bike interaction in a virtual engineering environment. The understanding of the rider's influence on riding stability and comfort is a key factor in motorcycle design. (Get more details...)

What are the benefits?
Biomotion Motorcycle Rider can be used to simulate many typical maneuvers. Biomotion Motorcycle Rider steers the motorcycle exactly the way a real rider does. This gives the opportunity that the coupling beetween rider and motorcycle is modeled precisely. Consequently, any important resonance effect which may lead to instable riding modes is considered by your model.
New motorcycle designs and driving assistence systems can be tested in a virtual engineering environment under different limit conditions.
Dangerous testing can be minimized to lower cost and risks.

What do you need to use Biomotion Motorcycle Rider?
SIMPACK (version 8.904 or higher) with the license options Biomotion Elements and Biomotion Motorcycle Rider
A human body model which uses the Biomotion Element 283 as joint actuators for shoulders and elbows. (Model can be requested by Biomotion Solutions or generated with Biomotion Workbench/Varibody.)



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