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Adding the Human Factors to Virtual Engineering

We specialize in the development and application of biomechanical human body models for virtual engineering. Applications range from vehicle dynamics to biomechatronics. Save time and money by faster prototyping and lesser testing.

Biomotion Workbench

Biomotion Workbench integrates tools for the generation of body models and motion measurement.

Real humans are not 50 percentile. Varibody, the human body model wizard helps you, to generate models which fit best to the humans which will use your producst. So you are able to optimize your products for the specific target customer. Think of motorcycles, powertools or automotive seats which are optimized for women. Account for different body weights or statures while you optimize efficiency, user comfort and safety your virtual engineering process.


Use videobased motion capturing with subpixel accuracy or import existing motion data with TraXXol. TraXXol can import measured motion into the human body model to enable dynamic motion analysis.

Human Body Model Wizard
Motion Capturing

Biomotion Elements:

A set of biomechanical model elements for SIMPACK. SIMPACK is a MBS-Simulation package which is fast, versatile and accurate and can be used to simulate any mechanical system from powertools to aeroplanes.

Biomotion Motorcycle Rider

A motion controller which enables a virtual human to steer by pushing the handlebars.

Biomotion Powertool Operator

A motion controller which enables a virtual human to handle a powertool with set values for force and direction.

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