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Active Human Body Models

Our development team has long term experience with biomechanical simulations based on multibody systems simulation (MBS). We specialise on active human body models, which interact with technical structures or environment. This includes biomechatronic applications.


Active human body models synthesize motions based on motor control models. This allows for optimization processes taking into account the biomechanical properties of the human body. 


Using forward dynamics has the benefit, that with the model, once it has a working motion controller, variants of handling maneuvers or machine parameters can be calculated. This can't be realized with an measurement based inverse dynamics approach!


Active forward dynamic body models compared with dummy models could be described as smart models. Virtual engineering processes benefit by using smart models instead of dummy models. 


Biomotion Solutions supports SIMPACK as simulation platform:

SIMPACK is a general-purpose multi-body simulation (MBS) software tool which is used to aid the development of any mechanical or mechatronic device, ranging from single components through to complete systems (e.g. wind turbines, vehicles, and high performance Formula 1 engines).

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