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Biomotion Workbench - TraXXol

Biomechanical simulation and motion analysis are tasks which usually are done with different software and different human body models.  The idea of Biomotion Workbench is to unify the workflow and use just one model instead. Biomotion Workbench currently combines a human model generator for SIMPACK called VariBody and the motion capturing software TraXXol.

What is TraXXol?

With TraXXol any motion can be tracked patternbased with subpixel accuracy. You can track motion from avi-video files (standard video for windows codecs are supported). Currently 2D motion capturing is supported. (Get more details...)


Existing mocap data in c3d format can be imported into a human body model. All necessary model elements for motion-filtering ("body drag") and motion simulation are generated by Biomotion Workbench (modules TraXXol and VariBody are necessary.)


See how TraXXol has sucessfully been used:

What are the benefits?
Easy and accurate motion capturing. If good avi-files (light, resolution) are provided, automated marker tracking is possible with suppixel accuracy. Existing mocap data in standard c3d format can be used. Models and mocap data can be handled with one tool.

What do you need to use Biomotion Workbench TraXXol?

Currently Biomotion Worbench is available for Windows XP and Windows 7. Human body models are working with SIMPACK (version 8.904 or higher) with the license option Biomotion Elements. Input files for motion capturing can be vfw-coded avi-files. Input files for motion import can be c3d format mocap data files.

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