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Biomotion Workbench - VariBody

Biomechanical simulation and motion analysis are tasks which usually are done with different software and different human body models.  The idea of Biomotion Workbench is to unify the workflow and use just one model instead. Biomotion Workbench currently combines a human model generator for SIMPACK called Varibody and the motion capturing software TraXXol.


What is VariBody?

With VariBody biomechanical human body models can be generated within a few minutes. A graphical user interface makes it easy to select the desired depth of detail for the model and standard simulation szenarios (seated occupant, standing, vehicle-pedestrian-accident). VariBody generates the human body model by the use of regression equations out of the user input for body stature, body weight and gender. (Get more details...)


What are the benefits for SIMPACK users?

Human body models can be generated within a few minutes. Models are based on Biomotion Elements for SIMPACK - the virtual humans can directly be included as substructure into your SIMPACK model.


Models with different weight, stature or gender can be generated. That gives you the opportunity to optimize your product for a representative collective. The interface to TraXXol can be used to analyze real user motion to enhance your simulation.


What do you need to use Biomotion Workbench?
Currently Biomotion Worbench is available for Windows XP and Windows 7. Human body models are working with SIMPACK (version 8.904 or higher) with the license option Biomotion Elements.

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