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Biomotion Workbench

Biomotion Workbench integrates tools for the generation of body models and motion measurement: Varibody, the human body model wizard and TraXXol, the videobased motion capturing with subpixel accuracy.

Biomotion Solutions supports SIMPACK as simulation platform:

VariBody generates complex human body models which are ready to use as substructure in SIMPACK models (Get more details...). SIMPACK is a general-purpose multi-body simulation (MBS) software tool which is used to aid the development of any mechanical or mechatronic device, ranging from single components through to complete systems (e.g. wind turbines, vehicles, and high performance Formula 1 engines).

Motion Analysis

With the Biomotion Workbench module TraXXol you can either motion data with subpixle accuracy from avi format video files or you can import existing mocap data from the c3d format into the human body model. (Get more details...)

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